Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ayala Art

We proudly present
Ayala Art

Known as Ayala Art her real name is Martha and she lives in a very dusty part of the central valley in sunny California. She is a part-time translator and full-time mom. Years ago, she also had a graphic design business.

Art has always been part of her life, one way or another. She has loved art since her first time drawing a long magical line that continued from her paper, to the table and from the table to a wall. Her first love was drawing on her Grandma's wall, and acting. She was always in school plays and always wanted to grow up and be a grandiose opera singer... She had it all planned from the top of her little chair. Her plans dramatically changed after she discovered mud and sculpting with ceramics. She enjoyed digging it out of a hole, cleaning the clay, then sculpting, firing and painting it. It was all so much fun! Later on, after she became a mom, she had to put the clay away (One of her kids was eating it and other was smearing it on the walls...) Martha started painting with oils and acrylics, going to smaller formats each time until she ended up making ACEO's (Art Cards, Editions and Originals).

Later, while working on a series of girls paintings, she wanted to make them in 3D, resulting in her entry into making dolls. Making dolls is where her energy and efforts have been for the past few years. She is learning about materials and techniques for doll making, trying to do with polymer and paper clay what she can do with a pencil. It's not that easy she says!

Martha enjoys working with all kinds of media, but mainly acrylics and water-mix oils. She also loves sculpting and making "One of a Kind Art Dolls". If she doesn’t get to work on art, she isn't happy. Martha known as "Ayala Art" has been selling on line, since the year 2000. Thanks to the Internet, her work is now collected in many different countries.

I wanted to know what kind of art she likes to buy, make or collect. She told me that because she is a very curious person, she likes pretty much everything. She can see the beauty in folk and primitive, as much as in realistic sculpting. She tends to like smaller size work, mostly because that way she can gather
more! ;o) She loves making tiny fairies with movable arms and legs. She also loves cloth dolls with folksy clothing. Basically, she likes "cute" and whimsical, not scary and she actually collects skeleton keys and ACEO's.

I asked her about her inspiration from others. Being interested in so many things, her list is very long... Basically, she loves people who enjoy their creativity, and show others how to archive their craft skills. You know, she says, friendly people, all over the world, with a passion for creating their art, being a doll, a painting, or some other creation.

Of course, I asked how her family inspires and supports her love of art. She told me her husband is a wonderful man. He puts up with her mess when she gets the creative bug for days to no end! Her daughter likes to sit with her and draw, sculpt and whatever. She has her own art space for her work (not far from mom‘s). She is very creative and her style is completely different than Martha‘s, but she knows that she has to do homework first ;o). She and her brother are a great source of inspiration for Martha's paintings of babies and children.

I wanted to know all about her latest project and she told me she always has several projects going at the same time. Sometimes that is not exactly a good idea and can be a real problem. At the moment, she is working on cloth dolls and art cards. She just finished producing a slide show of a collection of mini paintings that she has made through the years. She just uploaded it to you tube. Check it out.

Martha likes to create for all seasons and does not really have a favorite. For the most part, she doesn’t follow the holidays with her craft too closely. She likes Dia de los Muertos and she loves Angels for Christmas.

Ayala Art sells on Etsy and she also tries to keep a couple of things on ebay, her Ebay ID is passion4coloUr, you can find her often on her her blog: and

She does not teach classes, but she posts tips and tutorials on her blog, mostly about dolls, painting and a few other online things of interest, like working on a “blog look“, etc. She recently donated two paintings for a show in Norway, where all the proceeds go to a library for children books.

I asked what she would like to share with others seeking success with an online business. She recounted that she was once told that 75% of the time is for marketing and 25% for working on your craft. She also cautioned all of us to be careful that the 75% doesn't turn into a 100% of online time! It is not necessary to be in every site and network, but it helps to be in a couple of mayor sites. She also encourages artists to have nice business cards to give out, in person, and to include with every item we sell. Be patient if we just started to sculpt or paint, and keep practicing! Enjoy the process. Other people will notice eventually and will come to visit your shop or blog.

Ayala Art was published last spring in "Doll Collector magazine", with her
"Luna doll" in the “Traveling Doll Project” article. She is also in the new January issue page 44 with her "Luna doll".

I know you are going to see a lot more of Ayala Art. She's an artist with "ACEO passion" in her email addy, so we know she is real serious about her passion for art!


Lisa M Griffin said...

What a nice share. I love reading about other creatives, and especially moms... because like me it is wonderful to see other parents trying to maintain the balance between work and home, plus a passion for their art.
Thank you for sharing.

Gloria said...

Very nice post on Martha. I love her blog.

Sunshineshelle said...

Martha is an inspiration and constantly producing fantastic pieces, this is a great blog article and thank you for the further insight into this talented artist : )

Craftymoose Crafts said...

Thank you for this blog post about this very versatile, talented artist. I know her by her ACEOs and am delighted to discover her dolls & fairies, too!

Magic Love Crow said...

Thank-you for such a beautiful write up about Martha! I think she is a fantastic person and I love her art! I have many of her pieces ;o)

smellyrhinostudio said...

Oh, what a great story about Martha. She is a great team member who shares a lot with us and deserves such a beautiful article!

Divine Design Art Studio said...

A wonderful article about Martha and all of her work. It's so wonderful to learn a 'little bit more' about our fellow artists!!!

Pam of Always Artistic said...

Wow what a beautiful feature! Congrats Martha.