Monday, April 1, 2013

Low Brow Sculpture Art Dolls by Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson of Mealy Monster Land is sure that her love of horror movies plays a part in her work. She studied at various places in New York state, including Buffalo State College’s fine arts program, where she worked in all mediums, with a focus on printmaking. Her work has been published in Artful Blogging, Art Doll Quarterly, Celebrate 365, and Doll Collector. She has shown in various exhibitions throughout the US.

Nicole lives in Western New York with her husband, three children, cat, and dog.

These Low Brow Art Dolls are available on Etsy

Friday, March 8, 2013

Dolls Keep Her Young

This is Ruby Flamingo. She is one of 5 mask faced dolls that artist Cindy Sowers has done.
It is basically a white background with doodles of colorful flowers and butterflies. Cindy calls them Doodlebugs and they look so colorful and fun!

Cindy has been making things for people all her life. She's been making dolls since she was 11 years old, when she got my first sewing machine and her first handmade doll was a Holly Hobbie doll.

Cindy's background includes college courses in design, draping and pattern drafting, millinery courses, drawing and painting courses, working behind the scenes at fashion runway shows, and writing copy for fashion advertising.

This doll is for sale on Etsy and while there check out all her other items. She does wonderful work and is very reasonable in her pricing.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Wymzee Art Presents Kenyatta's Kreations


Wymzee Art is proud to present
Kenyatta's Kreations
Kenyatta Thomas

Her business name online is Kenyatta's Kreations
some of you may know her as Kay Tee but
her given name is Kenyatta Thomas.
I first met Kay Tee in about 2006...
she was known as Kenyatta's Brown-Sugar-Babies. ( Keni)
Delphi Forums were a big thing  ( kind of a small Facebook)
and Kay Tee 's glasswares impressed me so much.
And we became friends.
I am so  proud to be her friend and so proud
of how far her art has come.
 Thru this interview here on Wymzee Art Friends
we will call her Kay Tee .
You will see her talented shine thru on her website
 and on Facebook as we  all see in her art
work daily on Merry Whatever  & Etsy .
She has had a web presence for the past 10 years
  ( since 2002)...the flexibility of having a site
and taking custom orders is the way she like to sell her art.
Some the pictures here will just give you a taste...
there is more to Kay Tee, for you to see.
See her website here:
She lives in Northern Virginia, is a  divorced -
single mother raising a 14 yr old. 
 Things that inspire her, are her family...
 she finds her inspiration from them, especially the elders. 
 She spend many hours looking at the old pics from the 40s -
 that era, though it was life with struggle,
seemed to be full of culture, art and music...
was a exciting time , that brought about change 
 which is part of her culture.
And very important to her!
She has a full-time job , so no time to do shows...
but she still gets a lot of items made.

From holiday to everyday art...
Kay Tee  show a love for Ornaments,
Glassware Painting, Black Folk Art, 
Florals, and Portraits and  she is continously learning
more daily thru classes and hardwork.
Kay Tee says her wish would be to combine
her love of painting faces with journaling -
but doing it all in watercolor.
Sounds like a plan...and a self challenge for her.

She also says she is also getting into painting on
 furniture soon...we can't wait to see where that will lead.

Kay Tee does not do shows,  she sells 100 % online.
People can also catch up with her on her
Facebook business page here:

We asked Kay Tee how the economy has affected her
 online business, she said...
In the last 2 years business has really slowed down.
 But she has taken advantage of the slow times to
 take all kinds of online art classes,
 pushing herself to learn more about the type of art
she wants to paint.
But she also had this to share with us on how to
 succeed  in a online business.
I think the best advice I could give is to utilize social media. 
 Facebook, Twitter are all great ways to
keep in touch with customers - and to learn
first hand what they want.
Everyone is look for something all the time...
getting you art notice, thru advertsiement is the best way to sell.

Kay Tee also is a member of Merry Whatever Blog...
whom is connected to this interview,
 as Kay Tee is our October's  Monthly Artist Interview.
And you can  have a chance to win not one but ( 2) of Kay Tee
 art pieces if you go there  now and post.
See her October Giveaway here:

Kay Tee loves Christmas ...she said
Christmas is my all time favorite time of the year ...
and I'd encourage everyone to support all the 
 small businesses, online and in your neighborhoods.
Buying Handmade...helps keeps money in America,
and get our economy back on track.


 We asked Kay Tee what artists inspire her or
if she had a favorite mentor...
Her answer was...
 My Mentors would include Donna Dewberry -
who started me on my painting journey 10 years ago...
As you can see by Kay Tee florals pictured above, 
( she learned a lot from Donna) and though too many to count,
 my most recent inspirational artist is Sharon Tomlinson,
who is pushing me to paint better and reach deeper.
Pictured below ( right) is one of Kay Tee
pieces she painted in her Sharon Tomlinson class... very well done !
Read about her love of painting here:
Her  favorite supply store is Lee Valley actually.
  It's a hardware store out of CANADA ... she loves their items,
and can always find interesting things to paint on.
But when Kay Tee is painting she is not a nibbler...
says she drink tea or cocoa or plain ol' ice water while painting.   
If she's painting for the holidays, she listens to Christmas music...
otherwise she's a Smooth Jazz type of girl.

See her Etsy page here:

Take a tip from us...visit one of Kay Tee sites...
lots to see, and tell her you read her interview here,
or leave a comment now here or on Merry Whatever.
We here at
 Wymzee Art Friends and Merry Whatever
 would like to Thank
Kay Tee of Kenyatta's Kreations
 for allowing us to tell her story.
and her great  Giveaway Prizes.
"Learning never matter how old you are, 
and ART will always have something to teach you "

Friday, June 1, 2012


 Wymzee Art Friends proudly presents

Kim Owens
Folk Art from the Heart

Our interview today is with a sculptor...
Her given name at birth ...Kimberlyn Owens
She was raised in northern California.
It was there she developed her love for
art and literature.
Never formally trained as an "artist" or "writer" she
has managed to create a love affair and a level
of success with both mediums.
And looking at Kim's creations...
she has just began to bloom with creativity , and
we can't wait to see what else her whimsical
mind comes up with next.
As you can see here they are a joy to behold...

She owns and manages Folk Art From The Heart
 where she has sold numerous works of art.
Her unique sculptures appear in galleries
 and in various publications across the country.
 As an artist she co-leads the
American Holiday Artists Studios and

 AHA or American Holiday Artists is a group of juried
 artists who create one-of-a-kind holiday art for
the discerning Holiday art collector.

She is also a contributing artist at
 Pfatt or Primitive Folk Art Trinkets
Treasures Marketplace. 
And also showcases her art pieces on
Merry Whatever Blog
for whom this interview is being done for this month.
In fact Kim is June's
Artist Giveaway on Merry Whatever.
So remember to go there now  -
 and see her wonderful item pictured that you or
some lucky customer or visitor on Merry Whatever
could WIN !
 Just make a comment or purchase a item from her
 to get a chance to win one of her adorable pieces of ART !

To purchase  or see more of Kim's art...

Something else we found out about Kim is she is
also is a writer she has written poetry and is currently working on 
her second novel.
 Kimberlyn resides in Vallejo, California with her husband.
She has three grown children and three grandchildren.

Kim's Philosophy -

I just want to make beautiful things, even if nobody cares.
I want to do it all on my own.
Then I will have nobody to blame.
I make my own clay.
That way it's always available.
I come up with my own ideas.
So I will never be accused of stealing.
If it's important, I find the time.
 If it isn't, I find an excuse.
Sometimes I can be sarcastic.
But I'm fair all of the time.
I am a self taught artist and sculptor.
But I was a self taught wife and mother too.
 I can't sing, but I do it anyway.
 I love what I do and I do what I love and
I do it to the best of my ability.
 And I will keep doing it until I can't do it anymore.

Kim sure does ... "Folk Art from the Heart"

Remember to drop by Kim's Blog, website or
Etsy Page, and other links here listed below.

Wymzee Art Friends  and Merry Whatever
would like to Thank Kim
for allowing us in her Sculpting ART World !

Watch for more interviews  to come here on
 Wymzee Art Friends

Monday, April 30, 2012


 Wymzee Art is proud to present

Art by Alisa Steady

Her business name online is Art by Alisa Steady.
aka Mouthwatering Art by Alisa Steady
Alisa's bright and bold art style ...has blasted the world with a smile.
Her colorful type of art work that she uses in her paintings, ACEO's,
 and canvases will  make you smile.
Be it from holiday to everyday art...she will surely opens your eyes to color.
See her Etsy page here:

Alisa lives in Northeastern Illinois, right on the border separating
Illinois and Wisconsin. She likes to call it ‘Illisconsin’.
She lives with my best friend Addison (who also happens to be
my husband), they have three cats – Bunker, Lilly, and Three Wood,
and three orphaned rats – Putter, Knack Nasher, and Nick Nibblet
who reside in a rat town home and are smothered with love and
lots of goodies by Alisa and family also.

As you can see Alisa has a wonderful amazing eye ,
 and lots of imagination... which is why her inspiration strike
 at any given moment.
She is a true artist... and having fun !
Visit her blog here...and take a peek at that creativity at work.

She is currently selling her original
works of art using deep edge canvases.
But hopefully will soon have some prints available.
If you would love to get a piece or more of Alisa art.
She is having a special on 5”x5” size pieces that are ready to display wood block
 artwork in her Esty Shop, and as a special she is offering  20% off any item to celebrate
 May and upcoming Mother’s Day. May 1st  to May 13th.
And again that link is here:

Alisa has been painting since high school...
and became a member of Etsy is 2010.
 Alisa dream  for herself in the art world...
is she hopes to add a gallery show
to her list of accomplishments.
Alisa also says  in her Art future...she hopes that
2012 is a year full of even bigger goals peek her inspiration.
She is branching into YouTube videos where
she will demonstrate painting techniques and how to approach
a painting  like hers from start to finish.
She is also developing a mixed media
workshop which she would like to teach locally,
and eventually nationally.
With the sells of art and the recession in the world what it
is currently, Alisa  had this to says ...
My art business is growing steadily every month,
but I have noticed with the recession lately that original artwork is
not selling as much as it used to. So I am taking the opportunity to
explore giclees and print work. It’s a good
process for thinking about your customer base and what
would be more affordable for them.

As Alisa became a member 2 years ago of Merry
Whatever to get her name and art seen more.
Advertisement and having your work seen is very important.
She knows there are lots of other artists out there just starting.

This is what she had in advice for them.
Alisa's Words to the Wise on how to be successful are...
She believes that you are as successful as you want to be.
                                   Know your business and what your niche is.
Who are the people buying your product ?
Also, stay consistent with updates about new artwork and
keeping your marketing tools fresh (like updating your blog at
least once a week, and maintaining a daily presence on your
Facebook page) is helpful for keeping your business on track.
I think it also attracts new people to you.
Another important aspect to a successful business is being professional
 with your clients.
 Golden Rule: Treat them as you like to be treated as a consumer.

Alisa would like to  leave this message-
Happy Mother’s Day to all those incredible women who shape lives,
support dreams, and who are always have been there when she needed a hug or support.
The support that hold us together.
When asked ...Who are your favorite artists,
her answer was...
I have so many on going and newly discovered favorite
artists and crafters, it’s hard to keep them all straight!
 One of my favorites is Heidi McDonald (Heidi M),
an Illustrator in the United Kingdom. Her work is magical!
Another is mixed media artist Jeanne Bessette in Raleigh,
North Carolina. Her work makes my toes curl and inspire me
to push my own creativity. Others are Mystele Kirkeeng, Wyanne,
Michelle Allen, and Danita Art name a few!
But that’s just tip of the ice berg!
She has many favorite to many to name in this short story.

I asked Alisa ...what art form would you like to try, she said :
I have always been interested in beeswax and finally got
 the tools needed to experiment with it.
Now I just have to find the time!
Wymzee Art Friends  would like to Thanks Alisa Steady
 of Art by Alisa Steady for this interview.
Remember to visit her links listed above to see her  beautiful work.

A special treat from Alisa's is that she is doing the May...
 Artist Giveaway on Merry Whatever.
 So remember to go there now  -
 make a comment or purchase a item from her to get a chance to win one of her
wonderful art pieces pictured on Merry Whatever now.

And a Special Thanks to Alisa for allowing us in her world of ART !


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Jillian Crider

Wymzee Art is proud to present

Jillian Crider
The Art of Jillian Crider

Jillian Crider grew up in the beach-side suburb of Grange, in Adelaide, South Australia as "Jill Capon" - part of the Capon and Lill families. Her birth family is from the rural mid-north (Riverton, Saddleworth) of South Australia - Hannaford and Noble - she was adopted at birth and has lived in Australia, England, Germany, and the USA. She currently lives in southern Oregon, USA.

Jillian was born with a talent for drawing, and even though excelling at High School Art (lettering, design and history of art) with an "A" at age 15, she is self- taught, as she was not able to pursue formal study further. This doesn't stop her from pursuing her art and teaching occasionally, which she enjoys.

Employed through life in various fields other than art, she calls herself 'A Jill of All Trades'. This follows through to her art. One of her solo exhibitions was presented as 'A Jill of All Shades'. For a while she was self-employed doing house portraiture in pen and ink - producing over 9,000 portraits!

She works in multiple mediums and sizes, even including some very tiny miniatures. Her work is collected world-wide. Jillian has won awards in notable exhibitions, and been juried into numerous art shows.

During her life she has picked up some unusual areas to apply her art - rubber stamp design, set design, jewelry design, instant lottery ticket design, murals, billboards, photography, movie theatre advertising, graphic design, pop-corn cans, book covers, magazine illustration and even a cow pat pad.

She started painting 'seriously' with a few works in 1998. A friend wanted to see some of her artwork and she had none to show. She set about 'proving herself as an artist'. Her second pastel won an award and she has gone on from there with more art, more awards and exhibitons. She had her own gallery/studio for 2 years at West Beach, South Australia. Jillian was Outside Exhibitions Art Director of the Atlanta Artists Center for several years and on their Board of Directors.

Currently she is devoting as much time to her art as she can, and sells much of it online. She also likes promoting art and other artists. She has a deep attachment to miniature art, ACEOs (Art Cards, Editions and Originals - 2.5x3.5") and SFA (Small Format Art), even though she paints in large sizes as well. She is head of several art groups online. She loves pretty, unusual and cute things.
Jillian says “I am an artist, photographer and crafter. I have traveled extensively. My art is who I am, not what I am.”

Her website has been online since 1st June 2001.

To see more of Jillian visit her website and links

Jillian Crider's JacketFlap Book page
Jillian Crider – Pinterest

Jillian Crider believes in Making the world lovelier, one image at a time

Jillian is the special guest artist this month on the Merry Whatever Blog. Please take a moment and visit her there.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Past and Present

Wymzee Art is proud to present...

A present look at a few of our past spotlights…

Paula Nerhus
aRt dOlLs, pHoTogRapHy, aNd DeSiGn

The art moth doll- is about 29" tall. She is free standing in a wooden base. To see additional photos of her please visit her FLICKER
Available to purchase on Etsy

Bonnie Jones
One of A Kind (OOAK) Figurative Sculptures

This tiny 7" Figure is sculpted from paper clay over a strong wire armature. She is dressed in hand dyed silk and antique lace; her headdress is an antique silver piece. The wings are mixed media and her base is paper clay decorated with silver leaf. She is OOAK never to be created again.
Available to purchase on Etsy

Laurence of Feltoohlala
Needle felted dolls with love

DREAM is an art doll, needle felted over an armature which allows different poses, one of a kind and my own design ,and won't be reproduced. She stands at 16 inches, 40cm on a wooden square base of 7x7 inches (18 cm).
Her dogs are about 8 inches tall top of the black the other white. Their eyes are resin and paper clay and made by me.
Layaway and international shipping.
Available to purchase on Etsy

By Marina

This decorative doll is 13 inches tall, jointed legs, shelf sitter. Her arms can take any pose. Sculpted out of Paperclay and painted with acrylic paints. She is a ooak. Her dress is not removable and her hair is soft tibetan mohair permanently attached to her head. Freshwater pearls adorn her hair and glass beads are her knees. Her legs are dangling. She can stand only with an appropriate doll stand.
I will make one for her for free if you request it.
"There will be only one of her"
Available to purchase on Etsy

Abi Monroe
OOAK Clay Art Dolls

A custom doll for you…The doll will be made from Paperclay and Puppen Fimo, painted with Golden acrylics, with a Gesso undercoat, and finished with Perfix Coloulress Fixative, for long lasting protection. The doll will be between 12-14" tall. The rest is up to you. Layaway is available.
Available to purchase on Etsy


I have made this doll in a spirit of steampunk thinking of how simple and at the same time complicated we are.
Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are sad. One day we see just bright colors and the other it seems that the whole world is sinking in the darkness… Actually the world is always the same, and it has nothing to do with how we feel. We get confused, and we seek for the reasons, because we simply forget, that all we are just biological machines with thousands of chemical and physical processes in us. We can be affected by something, or we can break without any obvious reason – the most important is to understand that and to try to repair us as soon as possible.
Available for purchase on Etsy